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    Designer Websites, not Website Designers


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    They say good art inspires, good design motivates. We believe our design services serve up the best of both; inspirational websites, logos and promotional material that motivates consumers to relate and understand you with ease. 


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    Recent changes in the digital marketplace mean being sociable online has never been more important. Our team understands how social media works, and we’re here to help you make the most of it without breaking the bank.




    We know from experience that with the right representation, your business can go absolutely anywhere. Your website, branding and promotional material represent your business when you’re not around, so get it right first time with Social First.

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    Anything Digital, We Do It.

    When Social First was founded, it became very apparent that digital solutions were missing something. Too many businesses were being sold short and sticking with out dated websites, branding and stationary without a clear understanding of how or where to sort it out. At Social First, our dedication to customer service means that we pride knowledge and clarity above everything else. We want our customers to see the digital services we provide for them and say “Yeah, that’s brilliant”. We take inspiration from the huge community of designers around the world to create fresh, stunning designs.

    At first, we were all about Social Media. We love Social Media. But over time we expanded into web design, then e-commerce, graphic design, branding, print, video and photography respectively. We’re growing day by day, developing new targeted products that you can make the most of.

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    Kris Harris

    Founder / Director
    All-in-one man with the plan.
    Designer, coder and entrepreneur.

    I grew up in Bewdley, Worcestershire where I spent my school days.

    From 2004 to 2006 I went to Worcester College of Technology where I studied Media Production.

    Then in 2006 I moved to Stoke-on-Trent to study Film, TV and Radio studies. I graduated with a 2-1 grade for my degree.

    Even outside my educational career, I’ve had a passion for digital art since I was about 15. I’ve designed artwork for bands across the world and worked on other promotional projects too.

    Social First began in the spring of 2011, after many months of freelance work without an official title. I founded the company in September 2011 and we’ve gone from strength to strength ever since.



    Web Design

    We craft engaging multi-platform experiences in a clear and easy three stage process. Social First is always ready to undertake any project, no matter how challenging. Clear communication of your company’s ethos is key to pleasing your potential customers and clients. We build our websites with Social Media at the core – with Facebook and Twitter integration as standard.

    Unsure if your website needs updating? We offer a completely free website review service.
    Contact us to find out more.


    Graphic Design and Branding

    With over 10 years experience in designing promotional material for clients in the UK, Russia, Australia, USA, France and Switzerland; our team of professionals is always ready to fulfil your branding dreams. Give us a sketch, we’ll bring it to life. Give us a word and we’ll convert it into a logo with strength and identity. Don’t forget, we offer print services too!



    Once your designs are complete (or if you have a pre-made design) Social First will happily get them printed for you from our local supplier. We’ll make the order, pay on your behalf and even pick up the order once its complete and hold it until you’re ready to pick it up! Our service isn’t matched by many and our prices are more competitive than two kids fighting over sweets.


    Social Media

    We LOVE Social Media – it’s in our name and it’s where we started. From Facebook to Twitter, Google Plus to Linkedin, Social First can build you a visually appealing presence in the world’s biggest communities. We can also manage these pages for you with what we called Post Packages.

    Get in Touch to find out more!



    With educations based primarily on moving image work, Social First’s staff are awesome with video projects. If you have footage you’ve already shot with a device or want some screen captured footage sewing together we’re more than happy – but if you’ve got a more ambitious project in mind then we’re game for that too!

    Get in Touch to tell us what you’re after!



    Working along side video production or purely by itself, our voice guy Kris is professionally trained in voice acting and has worked on several radio stations, as well as doing promotional voice over work for many national entities, including voicing the International Student Chart show.


    Coming Soon



    Shine Business Centre, Harehills Lane, Leeds, LS8 5HS

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